Technician Advancement Program (TAP)

Performance Technician Advancement Program

“TAP” is a free automotive maintenance technician training program sponsored by IMPACT60, a nonprofit charitable 501c3 organization, and in collaboration with the Performance Columbus Family of Dealerships. TAP is a workforce development program designed to offer an opportunity to those most in need of a career path with solid earning potential. Prospective participants *18 y/o+ are identified and referred by community partners such as schools, career navigators, wrap-around case managers, court programs, social services, recovery agencies, veteran’s services, youth advocacy groups, and shelter services to name a few. Once the connection is made to IMPACT60, participants are engaged in further discussion about TAP and careers in the automotive industry.

The length of the program is 50 hours which includes, interactive lessons, auto lab, and hands-on hours at a dealership. Class is currently held in three locations around Central Ohio, two days a week, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. The auto lab locations are in Carroll, Marysville, and Columbus (Morse/Cleveland area).

Our goal is to provide basic skills training to become an automotive maintenance technician. Personal, hands-on instruction led by Master Technicians will cover modules including but not limited to shop safety & tools, basic multipoint inspection, oil change & lubrication and tire rotation & balancing. At the culmination of lecture and auto lab time, participants will shadow and practice their skills at one of the six Performance Columbus Family of Dealerships locations.

*Prospective students who are 17 years old may be considered with a school counselor or agency referral and parent/guardian permission.

To learn more, please email: with the subject line: TAP program

Union County T.A.P Program

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Franklin County T.A.P Program

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Fairfield County T.A.P Program

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