Making a Difference One Hour at a Time

  • You Give. Give 60 minutes of one of your most valuable assets: TIME. By volunteering 60 minutes – one hour a week – you can make a difference in the life of an organization, a child, an adult, an entire family or community.
  • We Give. Bruce Daniels, founded IMPACT60 (aka i60) on the belief that individuals who share their time can change a community for the better. IMPACT60 devotes resources (such as volunteers, funds, in-kind donations) to help fuel causes that fill unmet needs and bring awareness to issues that affect our quality of life. While i60 strives to assist many causes, we’re particularly engaged in addressing food insecurity, homelessness, health issues (addiction, cancer, mental health), youth wellness and workforce development.
  • IMPACT60 strives to support and inspire dreamers, organizations and volunteers who are dedicated to sustaining a caring community.

IMPACT60 is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation in the State of Ohio. IMPACT60 followers are committed to the philosophy that everyone and anyone can make a positive impact in a community. Start with giving just 60 minutes of your time. To request funds or support from IMPACT60, Inc., complete the grant application located at the link below.