The distinct connection of homelessness & hunger

Housing and food should be treated as a basic a human right. This is a test of our civic responsibility. Ohio has failed to address homelessness during the longest economic expansion in American history. We now face a greater challenge under more difficult circumstances. The imperative remains: Everyone needs a safe place to call home. When we couple homelessness with hunger- affecting 1 of every 7 people and 1 in 5 children in Ohio- individuals are caught in a vicious cycle. Consider this common scenario: They are fired for missing work to provide care to a sick child or loved one or fired because their car breaks down. Unable to pay rent, they get evicted. Once a family loses their home, it is much harder for them to find work and housing, purchase nutritious food, stay in school, and get back on their feet. The organizations below help aid individuals in crisis by providing support and basic needs to assist them in breaking free of this cycle of poverty. You can support these organizations easily through volunteering time or providing a donation of goods, services, or funds.

Van Buren Center – YMCA of Central Ohio

To bring about meaningful change, individuals need ongoing encouragement and tools. We’re here day in and day out to provide the resources our communities need to address the most pressing social issues: child welfare, education, housing, and substance abuse. We work to make sure every child, family and community has what they need to achieve their best.

Gladden House - United Way Central Ohio

To preserve and strengthen the well being of our community, and to inspire community members to control and shape their lives.

The Hope Center of Central Ohio

Everyone in the Hope Center community experiences God’s best plan for their lives.Together we achieve the dream through effective Compassion ministries, by connecting people to vibrant Community relationships and equipping the Next Generation to pursue a hopeful future.

Star House

A 24/7 social service agency, operating Central Ohio's only drop-in center for youth, ages 14-24, who are experiencing homelessness and their small children.

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